Aug 22 2012

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Superman and Wonder Woman Getting Super-Freaky

It’s about Frickin time.

There had been rumors running around since the new DC52 crashed on the comic scene that since Supes wasn’t hitched to Lois anymore in this reboot that there might be a chance that him and Wonder Woman might hook up. Well Superhero lovin’ is in the air because Entertainment Weekly just revealed a first look at Justice League #12 with Wonder Woman and Superman tongue-darting each other in mid-air (also looks like a little bondage going on up there too).

“Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….Oh…. kids cover your eyes.”

Now my question is how long before jealousy becomes the latest enemy to plague the Justice League. I can see somewhere in the near future a love triangle between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman while Green Lantern hides in the shadows playing with his power ring.


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  1. Manogeek

    It would have been better with Batman but I guess the point was that she broke up with Steve Trevor cause he was normal and her life could get him killed. Even though Bats is a Leaguer he’s still just a norm.

    1. JB

      Probably the only thing keeping them apart.

  2. JB

    Should of been batman not superman but I dont hate on superman. Real disappointment. They would of got more positive sales if it was batman.

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